Have you been to Lephalale or the Waterberg region lately or planning a trip soon? If you have been there before you would know finding adventure activities can be a bit of a treasure hunt. Everyone deserves a relaxed and peaceful getaway now and then, but what’s a holiday without some adventure, right. 

Lephalale, Waterberg is a fast-growing town along the banks of the Mogol River. It is a coal mining town in the Limpopo province. Ellisras was its previous name and is home to many historical and natural treasures. Therefore, the town was not built for much recreational function. However, it is home to many by accommodating tourists and visitors for them to explore many outside adventurous spots. Finding new adventure activities can be very difficult when planning a trip or visiting family in Lephalale. Let’s take a look at the many different adventures and spots that can’t be missed if you are in the close by.

5 Main Adventure Activities to do In Lephalale 

1. Mogol Golf Course

Mogol Golf Course is very popular in the Lephalale area. This course is known for its excellent Winter course and offers golfers a demanding 72 par, 18-hole course. The extremely large 6077-meter course is surrounded by beautiful, big Marula trees, sometimes called sky bunkers. If you are a pro golfer, this course is definitely for you as it demands precision and meticulous technique. Located at this course is Bosveld Guest House, with just an access of a gate, golf enthusiasts get to enjoy the convenience of never having to travel far just to play a few rounds. If you in town and looking to try new adventure activities, even with zero experience, this golf course is too stunning not to miss. It is definitely worth the experience.

2. The Waterberg Meander

The Waterberg Meander allows tourists and visitors to explore and experience the vast and scenic wilderness of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve and surrounds. It participates in many community projects, offering a vast range of adventure activities to participate in or recreationally shop from. 

These include:

  • Waterberg Living Museum who offer guided and self-guided tours.
  • Kamotsogo Craft Art who have contemporary products that draw on African and/or Indigenous aesthetic and cultures. 
  • The Church of St John the Baptist located on the farm, 24 Rivers. This church is small, beautiful and a cultural and spiritual gem that is open to visitors throughout the week and to attend Sunday services at 9:30am.
  • Lehabile Cultural Tours have personal tour conductors giving visitors great insight into local lifestyles, décor, song and dance, and oral history. If you love local experiences, this is the tour for you.

3. Grootwater 4×4 Trail

If you are a bit more on the daring side and an adrenaline junkie, this activity is perfect for you. The Grootwater experience comprises of a number of 4×4 routes that are made up of sand, rock, mud and mountain roads that interlink with a network of farm roads. Offering spectacular views with sights of antelope species, hyena’s, bush pigs and warthogs, this experience is not one to miss. The grading of the trails varies from 1 to 5. All the trails can be completed in 4 hours with various trails offering different challenges. And to add to the element of fun and adventure, you definitely want to come during the rainy summer period between October and March where the ground has extra mud, loosened ground or rock making these adventure activities all the wilder and more adventurous. 

4. Olden Café

Renowned for its delicious coffee and cappuccinos, Olden Café creates the perfect and charming experience. Adventure activities do not always come in the form of adrenaline, so if you are a coffee lover or wanting to take a significant partner out on a date, then Olden Café is the sweetest spot. Pun intended. Their menus offer fresh flavors, traditional favorites and delightful treats, and daily specials that please the appetite. 

5. Mokolo Dam Nature Reserve

Just 32km south of Lephalale is a picturesque 4600-hectare reserve taken up by water when the dam is full. Mokolo Dam Nature Reserve is the perfect family spot offering various water related activities such as boating, canoeing and kayaking. Packed with dramatic cliffs and precipitous hills that run down to the water’s edge is where families find numerous picnic spots and fishing around the dam. They also offer boat-based bird watching along the shoreline. All these adventure activities giving you the perfect picture moments with the best backgrounds. Absolutely no filter needed.

Other adventure activities major outside of the Lephalale include many private game reserves that offer various game drives and a wild, nature-filled experience. However, all these activities are on outside areas which require you to find an overnight or weekend accommodation. With this in mind Bosveld Guest House is the perfect stay if you are in the Lephalale area or wanting a base to travel out. And explore these activities. It is also not situated far off from many of these spots and at the Mogol Golf Course for those who are making that trip. To make a booking, contact us today!