When looking for a conference venue for a large group of people, certain criteria must be met, such as the number of seats, the size of the space, and refreshments available at the venue. You might find it difficult to decide which conference room to book when you see several large meeting rooms and smaller meeting rooms. The question to ask yourself is: “What exactly is our goal by choosing this venue?” The answer should be: “We want to host a successful and memorable conference that produces exceptional results and delivers immediate and measurable business impact.”

6 things to consider when chosing your ideal conference venue:

1. Verify with the venue what their minimum and maximum capacity is

You need to choose the appropriate venue for your meetings based on the number of people attending. Meetings can range from small gatherings to large affairs which is why you need to consider the size of the venue needed. Whether you are planning a large training session for your team or workshop, your conference venue should be able to accommodate the number of attendees easily. An uncomfortable meeting room stifles enthusiasm, and it is impossible to work effectively with individuals who are crammed in there. When choosing the perfect meeting or conference venue, you should check if the venue has maximum and minimum attendance.

2. Location is key

When selecting a meeting venue, be sure to consider the location and accessibility of your attendees. You should choose locations with excellent transportation links, and ensure the airport is easily accessible if your guests are coming from overseas. Guests who are travelling in for the meeting may need to stay in the area. If possible, choose a location where people can also spend some leisure time.

3. Keep accommodations in mind

Organizers often focus on the meeting room alone as well as other aspects of the day that they forget what their guests will do after the meeting is over. Make sure the venue has accommodations nearby or on-site if you know a large number of guests will need to travel and stay over for the meeting. Many accommodations such as hotels, guest houses, and venues offer discounts for delegates and excellent meeting facilities, which you should consider and take advantage of.

4. Consider your technical needs

It’s extremely important to choose a meeting location that has the amenities and technology required to run your meeting. For attendees and presenters to stay in touch during the meeting, a decent Wi-Fi signal is essential. It is common for meeting venues to offer Wi-Fi, but be sure to inquire about any additional charges. Your meeting venue should have projectors and audio-visual technology if you require presentations or live streaming.

5. Don’t forget about the food

Your attendees will always remember the quality of food options you provided, regardless of how great your meeting was. It is vital that you take into account everyone’s dietary requirements. Prepare breakfast snacks and coffees in advance of an early meeting. Nothing ruins a conference like hungry delegates. Make sure the venue has its own catering so there is always enough food and at the right time. You also have one less thing to worry about, as venue and catering can be provided under one roof.

6. It’s all about your brand

The choice of venue for your business meetings will reflect your brand when you select your conference venue. How you choose a meeting venue should be based on both its practicality and how it will benefit your brand image. A conference venue must present well, be of excellent quality and have courteous staff.

It can be difficult to know where to begin when choosing the right conference venue. At Bosveld Guest House, our conference venues have all the facilities you need for an outstanding event. You can rely on our in-house chefs to bring delectable catering options to your next event, and our friendly staff is always ready to help. Contact us today!