Spring is finally here, the sun is shining, people are hosting again, and life seems to be back to normal. But after the long social-distancing haul who really remembers how to be a good host? Are you in need of some hospitality examples to get you in the spirit again? If you already learned what hospitality is, then you would recognize that it is all about making your guests feel special. The process of making a guest or visitor feel comfortable, entertained, and contented through actions or service is hospitality. The goal is always to give the guest a great experience, regardless of how big or small the occasion is.

Hostility begins at home. The way you give a friend or relative a warm and friendly welcome is important. There will be times when you go the extra mile just to make them happy. You can do this in many different ways. This is why we’ve put together a few hospitality examples to remind you of the basics and offer some new ideas of where and how to host.

5 Hospitality examples to be a great host:

1. Ensure your guests are comfortable

Making someone feel comfortable in your home can also depend on the individual. It could be as simple as offering refreshments like water or snacks. You could even offer tea or coffee if they prefer. Make your house cosy by keeping it neat. Stock up on everything they might need, such as towels and tissues. Adding these little touches to your home can make the place feel very welcoming.

2. Frequently invite people over to your house

The best way for people to be at ease in your home is to frequently invite them. Taking the time to welcome them to your home means that you want to build a relationship with them. If they know that it isn’t a one-time invitation, they’ll feel more welcomed and at ease.

3. Show your appreciation by giving gifts

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? You know someone has gone that extra mile when they come bearing gifts. It’s a wonderful gesture when you give a thoughtful and meaningful gift to your guests to show that you value their visit with you. Moreover, thoughtful gifts do not have to be expensive. The idea is that you took the time to find a gift that they’d like and that will make them happy.

4. Show them you value their company

Be sure to express your gratitude for having them in your house. If you assure them that you are enjoying their company, it feels more welcoming. Let them know that you’re looking forward to having them over again. Make sure to show your gratitude by inviting them to your home again.

5. Use the outdoors

Location is always important. Now that it’s brighter and warmer, garden set-ups are essential. Make your guests feel welcome and at ease in the sunny outdoors and let it continue to the beautiful sunset skies.

6. Offer alternate locations

As a host, you do not have to confine yourself to your own home. Developing these hospitality skills can become a part of your identity. Different types of events can be hosted in different locations, including birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, family reunions, retreats, etc. It might be a good idea to switch things up this season. Especially if you are planning to host a number of guests. Have you considered a weekend getaway? Travelling away allows you to host without having to do everything yourself.

Use these hospitality examples to your advantage by making the most of the outdoors. Get a few friends or family members together, and plan your next celebration or event at a place that has it all. Thanks to eased regulations and a new season, things have never been easier. Not sure where to go? Make unforgettable memories at Bosveld Guest House and become a renowned host.