Finding the best holiday accommodation can be a real headache. There are so many factors to consider, such as price and location. But, what about the type of accommodation you choose? The first thing people think of when they plan their holidays is where to stay and so they immediately start searching for a hotel. That is because usually, a hotel is a place that is highly recommended. But not always. Sometimes the best option could be choosing a guest house. 

The world is a big place, and there are many places to see and explore. If you are planning to visit a country overseas or just in need of a local getaway and don’t know where to stay, then choosing between a guest house vs staying at a hotel is your first major decision. Guesthouses and hotels are different establishments that offer different services to their guests. Comparing hotels and guest houses is an important decision, so if you’re having trouble deciding on the perfect holiday accommodation for you or your family, I hope this blog will help you out.

Guesthouse vs. Hotel: 5 Things to Consider to Choose the Ideal Holiday Accommodation:

1. Price

Guesthouses are smaller than bed and breakfasts or hotels, which means they’re less expensive too. The innovative and alluringly designed rooms are often furnished with antiques and mouldings that provide guests with an old-world charm. Or even an ultra-modern feel. There are a couple of reasons why people choose to stay at a guest house compared to staying at a hotel when they’re on holiday. The first reason is that it’s a more affordable option and hotel accommodation often being more than double that of a guest house. You could probably stay at a guest house longer than you could at a hotel. And you always want to go for a holiday accommodation that gives you value for the money you’ve saved and finally spent.

2. Location

The world is full of luxury hotels and luxurious resorts, but nothing compares to the charm of a guest house. Most guest houses are situated in the centre of the city, close to all the businesses and sight-seeing spots. On the other hand, most are situated on the outskirts which gives you more of a wilderness feel. Most guesthouses are created from people who live in the city or town you’re visiting which means it is more central to the activity and adventure you’re looking for. And not to mention, more of a local experience. Hotels are more of the standard stays where the experience is in the building itself rather than the surrounding it offers.

3. Service

Hotels are known for their professional service but more often than not, it comes as an extra bill. Guesthouses provide a more home-like service of hospitality as if you were staying at a family member or friend’s house. Guesthouses come with homemade meals, while hotels offer optional bed and breakfasts and external dining restaurant/s. The intimate service at guest houses is incomparable to feeling like one of many in a hotel. Personalised service always makes a holiday accommodation more welcoming and memorable.

4. Amenities

You get a more authentic experience staying in a guest home, rather than an impersonal hotel room. You can also enjoy the benefits of a home-cooked meal. I’m. sure you don’t want to be starved for space when traveling in large groups or with kids. Guesthouse rooms give you much more privacy and space, whereas hotels often come in standard rooms and are often very compact.

5. Experience

Despite the growth of air B&Bs, a stay in a guest house often offers something unique that a hotel can’t — a connection to the local community. Guesthouses offer travellers a more intimate and relaxed experience. They give guests one-on-one attention from the moment they arrive. When I think back to the places I’ve stayed at, there’s a pattern. There are the budget hostels during my travel years and the swanky hotels for business trips. But the memorable moments have been at guest houses – homes that are open for passing travellers to stay in. In addition to this, most guest houses are family-run businesses that provide a cosy, home-like experience. There’s nothing like a holiday accommodation that makes you feel like you’re home away from home. Especially for those long business trips.

There are a lot of options out there for finding a place to stay while visiting a new city. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, you’ve come to the right place. We compared and contrasted the two so you can choose which one suits your ideal holiday accommodation. If you are looking for a different accommodation experience that’s different from the standard hotel stay, why not try Bosveld Guest House? The same comfort of a hotel at a fraction of the cost. To get a more authentic experience contact us today!