Tired, stressed? Want some time to rest and relax? We’ve got some cool ideas for you to do more often. It’s a tough life out there, no time to stop and rest. We’ve got your back!

If there is one thing we can’t stand, it’s stress. Bright, flashing lights and incessant beeping has a way of taking over our lives. And once it has taken over – well that’s when bad stuff starts to happen.

Work is always on our mind, so we forget that we need a break too! We need some time to rest and relax… we deserve it.
Stress can affect people’s day-to-day lives dramatically. It can be difficult to manage stress. The good news is there are simple things you can do to chill out in your day-to-day life. To help you stay on top of your game, we have developed a list of self-help tips that you can use to reduce stress in your life.

14 Activities to rest and relax

1. Practice yoga to relax

A simple yoga asana can be immensely relaxing to both the mind and body. Simply choose a pose that feels comfortable to you and hold it for around 2 to 3 minutes.

2. Put on relaxing music

You can forget your worries with the right music. When you are feeling stressed, make a playlist of your favourite relaxing tracks.

3. Meditate

Sit in a dimly-lit room and focus your attention on your breathing. Notice how your heartbeats. Notice the thoughts that arise in your mind. Remember you are not your thoughts. Allow them to pass. This is one of the best ways to rest and relax or at least get your mind to a place of peace.

4. Bring your imagination to life

You don’t have to be good at painting. You can use any blank piece of paper, a paintbrush, and some watercolours to paint whatever you like. Express yourself. You can use anything you like – sketches, colour pencils, crayons, etc. There are even adult colouring books that are effective.

5. Go outside and enjoy nature

Get up early in the morning so you can take a mindful walk. Take in the sights, sounds, and smells as you walk. Enjoy the moment.

6. Check out the sunrise

Take a few moments to watch the sunrise from the location where you can watch it easily. It will make you feel energised and positive.
Let the sun’s rays soak into your skin if you have the time. The vitamin D in the sun helps blood vessels relax and stimulates circulation.

7. Play board games

Taking your mind off things with board games can be a lot of fun. These games can also help bring back fond childhood memories.

8. Have a spa day or go for a massage

What seems like the best way to rest and relax, not only can a good massage help you relax, but it can also reduce anxiety, digestive issues, headaches, sleep disorders, and joint pain.

9. Pet your dog or cat

The experience of petting a dog, cat, rabbit or any other furry animal can be highly relaxing. Humans experience a feeling of well-being by petting furry animals.

10. Journal

Journal Journaling is a highly cathartic activity. Buy yourself a journal and start writing. Write down what’s on your mind and reflect on your writing.

11. Enjoy a saltwater bath

Taking a saltwater bath has immense benefits, especially when you need to rest and relax as well as reduce stress. In fact, saltwater baths help your body absorb magnesium, and magnesium lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, relieves cramps, relieves headaches, and improves sleep quality.

12. Get away for a few days

Going away for the weekend even if it’s a night or two can be extremely effective. Especially to not be around your routine and usual scenery of things. If you are looking to treat yourself to a weekend away, then look no further than Bosveld Guest House.

13. Take a day off from technology

Spend the day away from technology. Put away your smartphones, turn off your TV, and close your laptops.

14. Discover something new to eat

You should try something new at a restaurant that you have never been to before.

Use these leisure activities to ensure you live a happy, healthy and balanced life. If you are looking to treat yourself to a weekend away, then look no further than Bosveld Guest House.